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The Benefits of a Full Dental Check-up

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The Benefits of a Full Dental Check-up

What does a full Dental Check-up involve?

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Yes. The Singapore Dental Health Foundation states that X-rays are useful diagnostic tools. Indeed, they are essential to provide high-quality dental care.
Dental Radiographs (X-ray images) allow dentists to see between teeth, within the teeth and the bones below the teeth. It allows a better understanding of any previous treatment done, the arrangement and growth of teeth and the size or proportion of teeth and bones. It allows problems to be identified in its early stages before it becomes painful or difficult to treat.
The amount of radiation is extremely small – especially with the digital X-rays used today. The Benefits of taking X-rays (properly known as radiographs) far outweigh any risks from the minimal exposure of radiation.
The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) drew up this chart to show just how low the exposure to radiation from dental X-rays is

For pregnant women X-rays are only taken when needed for treatment.

Note that use of lead apron and will offer protection against radiation exposure.
X-rays can be taken for breastfeeding mothers and women trying to get pregnant.

Note: If an X-ray examination is not done, there is the real risk that disease will not be discovered.

What sort of X-rays are taken?

1.   Full mouth X-ray

This gives an overall picture of your upper and lower teeth and jaws
It can reveal many things e.g.
  • Past dental work done such as root canal treated teeth
  • Hidden or buried teeth such as wisdom teeth
  • Any infection on the roots of the teeth(e.g. see the yellow arrows above)
  • Overall development of the teeth

2.   Intra-Oral X-rays

These are small images of just a few teeth taken with a sensor or film within your mouth.

It is a simple, quick and safe procedure

It can reveal…

  • hidden decay in between teeth (see the yellow circle)
  • the condition of old fillings & crowns.
  • Infections at or around the roots

3. CBCT or Cone-Beam Computed Tomogram

In special cases where it is essential to know the position of teeth relative to other structures like nerves, or to plan particular surgery like the placement of implants, special radiographs known as CBCT will be needed. This allows the dentist to view your teeth and bones in all three dimensions.

Did you know that…
  • X-rays (radiographs) only take a few minutes
  • Results can be viewed immediately.
  • Our X-rays are digital so they can be e-mailed to you at your request
Preparing for Your Dental Visit

How long would a dental check-up take?

Depending on your condition and history and the number of records to be taken, it may take 15- 30mins.

Does a Dental Check-up include scaling and polishing (cleaning) ?

No, Scaling and Polishing is a treatment procedure. Dental-check-up involve examination and understanding your condition. If you wish to have both a dental check-up and cleaning, please inform the clinic so that extra time can be set aside for you.